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Radian Spa, Here you will find best body massage service for men in Vihdyadhar Jaipur by female & male. Enjoy …

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  • Female to Male Full Body Massage in Vidhyadhar Nagar Jaipur

    Female to Male Full Body Massage in Vidhyadhar Nagar Jaipur

    Radian Spa, Get the best spa service in Vidhyadhar Nagar Jaipur providing female to male full body massage service with complete relaxation to the body.

    Massage therapy

    Massage therapy is a treatment system that works by suppressing, kneading, tapping or pushing the soft tissues of the body.

    Massage therapy has been used for centuries. It aims to relax you mentally physically. It can concentrate on muscles, soft tissues or on acupuncture points.

    Massage techniques range from soft and gentle to energetic and lively. They sometimes may even be a little awkward. Therapists can treat your whole body either to concentrate on a particular part such as your head, neck, or shoulders.

    There are several types of massage:

    Swedish massage – the most common type of body massage

    Aromatherapy massage

    Deep tissue massage – used for long, deep muscle problems

    Sports massage – used before or after sports or for treating sports traumas


    Neuromuscular massage – helps to balance the nervous system and muscles

    Reflexology – applied on points of arms and legs for improvement the health of other parts of the body

    Gentle forms of massage, such as aromatherapy, affect your nerves endings. This can lead to the release of chemicals called endorphins that can reduce pain.

    Stronger methods, such as Swedish massage, aim to stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, relax the muscles and facilitate the nodes tissues that can cause pain and stiffness.

    Some types of massage such as shiatsu can also slightly stretch parts of your body to free the hardness.

    One of the main reasons people with cancer use massage is because it helps them to feel good. This is how they feel they can help themselves.

    In general, massage therapy can help you adjust your mood, yes improve your sleep and improve your health. There is some evidence, to support these benefits.

    Massage for people with cancer is encouraged as a natural way to help you relax and deal with:





    On your first visit, the therapist asks you some general questions about your health, lifestyle and medical history. They may want to talk to your doctor, if you are worried that the massage can interfere with your health or whatever medicines you are taking. It’s rare for your doctor to say no. When you have a shiatsu massage, you usually lie fully clothed on soft pads on the floor.

    In most other massage therapies lie on a massage table for treatment. May you had to remove your clothes, except for underwear. Your therapist then covers you in a bathrobe or big towels, exposing only the parts of your body on which will work.

    When you treat the whole body, lie downside down for the first half of the treatment, then on your back for the rest of it.

    Most massage sessions last for an hour, but it may be up to you therapist. Your therapist may release some relaxing music during session.

    The amount of pressure your therapist uses when massaging can varies greatly between types of massage. Most people say the massage is a lot relaxing and soothing. But you have to let your therapist know if he is you feel uncomfortable and want to stop at any time.

    Your masseur may advise you to drink a glass of water when your treatment is because you may feel thirsty.

    Remember, your therapist should never massage the genital area or to touch you in a way that you think is sexual. You can stop the session and yes leave if you do not feel comfortable at any time at your massage.


    Address: Sun-N-Moon Mall, 1st Floor, Sikar Road, Sector 5, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302023

    Near by City: Muralipura, Jhotwara, Bani Park, Civil Lines, C Scheme, Malviya Nagar, Mi Road, Shastri Nagar, Khatipura, Vaishali Nagar, Sodala, Tonk Roa & Raja Park Jaipur

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Massage is known for its ability to help your body and mind relax – and for that reason alone, getting a massage makes perfect sense.

    But a Deep Tissue Massage can give your customers even more benefits! To help you understand what these benefits are, you should first know what a Deep Tissue Massage is.

    Deep Tissue Massage is a technique that focuses primarily on the deepest layers of the muscles and fascia.

    This technique implies that the therapist repeatedly uses firm pressures to reach these key areas and work towards their release, and for this very reason this particular type of massage technique is generally recommended for people who feel comfortable with slightly more intense touches. However, deep tissue massage can also utilize gentle but sustained pressures reaching the myofascial layer.

    The normal belief that having a deep tissue massage involves pain is a myth; however, the benefits of a properly performed deep tissue massage are beyond doubt.

    1 – Deep tissue massage offers stress relief

    When a client feels stressed due to demands at work, at home, or both, deep massage can help relieve this stress in a healthy way. This is important because unresolved stress can cause major damage to mental and physical health; It is estimated that 60% to 80% of medical appointments are stress related.

    2 – Deep tissue massage relieves pain

    Deep massage may be able to lessen the pain. Deep massage of the calf’s posterior muscles, together with automatic stretching exercises, helped to reduce the pain associated with plantar fasciitis (inflammation that extends into the sole of the foot connecting the heel to the toes). Deep tissue massage can be used for other conditions as well as fibromyalgia, tennis elbow or lower back pain, potentially providing some much needed relief.

    3 – Deep tissue massage facilitates movement

    Scar tissue forms when an area of ​​the body is injured and healed. Although the most common scars are those that result from a visible cut, they sometimes occur deeper in the body, such as when you damage muscles, ligaments, or tendons. It is this type of scar that deep massage can help to resolve, facilitating movement and promoting greater range of motion.

    4 – Deep tissue massage can reduce heart rate and blood pressure

    A study published in 2008 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine involved 263 participants who reported muscle spasms or distension. Each subject’s blood pressure and heart rate were assessed before a 45- to 60-minute deep massage, as well as after. The result was lower systolic and diastolic pressure, as well as heart rate around 10 beats less per minute.

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  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Aromatherapy Massage

    Aromatherapy Massage promotes deep relaxation and acts based on two basic mechanisms: the smell and the absorption capacity of the skin. Inhalation of certain scents causes the brain to release neurotransmitter chemicals that combat stress and fatigue. Oils also have a medicinal effect when absorbed through the skin.

    Depending on the oil chosen, aromatherapy massage can be used to relax, to lessen localized pain or to tone the body and its energy.

    You can choose between massage made with essential oils or butters specially prepared for this purpose.

    Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage is a technique that utilizes smooth, firm movement over the body to increase body blood circulation and flexibility, providing a feeling of well-being, relief from neck and shoulder tension, and relaxation. .

    This technique with gentle movements and touch stimulates the production of hormones responsible for relaxation.

    Relaxing scented massage turns on the parasympathetic system and turns off the sympathetic system, which has a calming effect on the nervous system, with psychological benefits.
    It is used in addition to creams and oils, relaxing music and essential oils for relaxation.

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  • swedish massage

    Swedish Massage

    Swedish massage (myofascial release) is a complementary treatment for injuries and muscle fatigue. It may be indicated for migraines, back, neck and head pain, stiff neck, low back pain and sciatic nerve pain.


    Increases lymphatic and blood circulation, releases myofascias, increases stretching and fights general muscle tension. It is also a complement to treatments against fibromyalgia, body aches, swelling, pain after training, RSI (repetitive strain injury), tendonitis, headaches and insomnia.

    More about the technique

    It may be very suitable for migraines, back, neck and head pain, stiff neck, low back pain and sciatic nerve pain. Swedish massage also relieves tension and helps treat tendonitis and muscle injuries. Swedish massage is a great complementary treatment for injuries and muscle fatigue. Treatment also includes therapeutic stretches and myofascial release.

    When is Swedish massage indicated?

    It is always important to evaluate the problem with a doctor before a massage appointment. Pain such as torticollis or lumbar pain can have several causes. Most of these problems can be treated with Swedish massage, but it is important to know the cause of the pain.

    Swedish massage includes stretching and muscle testing. It is a great aid to good posture and to increase physical balance and get to know each other better.

    The technique treats muscles in order to influence body and emotional factors. It increases blood and lymphatic circulation, helps fight pain, releases wellness hormones and makes the person more elastic. Swedish massage is done more vigorously than relaxing massage. Massage includes soft tissues of the body, muscles, tendons, and connective tissue.

    The technique was developed in ancient Greece and the Greek word ma’sséin itself means squeezing, rubbing and kneading. In 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, wrote that doctors should use massage as a way of healing; In AD 100, Galenos, the father of human anatomy, wrote a book about massage and its healing power.

    It was a Swede, Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839) who brought massage back from ancient cultures. He created a technique based on movements used by the ancient Greeks. He called this technique classic massage, but it became world famous for Swedish massage due to its origin. Swedish massage is the largest form of alternative treatment in the world. It is used in SPA, ships and luxury hotels, mainly in the United States and Europe. Worldwide is famous by the English name “swedish massage”.

    The massage professional works mainly on the muscles, using pressure in various ways. Normally, it is done by hand, but certain movements can be done with devices (we do not use physical therapists, laser or ultrasound devices).

    The Swedish massage technique works on mucular tissues, causes blood circulation and stimulates the skin. The 5 basic moves are:

        Effleurage (Slips)
        Petrissage (kneading)
        Friction (pressure with circular motion)
        Tapping (rhythmic beats)
        Vibrations (made by hand)

    Swedish massage is considered to be a serious therapy with highly effective effects to treat the muscles. It increases lymphatic and blood circulation and fights muscle tension. It also increases the production of hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins and is a great complement to treatments against fibromyalgia, body aches, swelling, pain after training, RSI, tendonitis, headaches and insomnia.

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  • spa in jaipur

    About us

    Radian Spa, Here you will find best body massage service for men in Vihdyadhar Jaipur by female & male.

    Enjoy a 60-minute massage to choose from in a spectacular single or double Suite decorated in the purest and most exquisite Thai style, and with relaxing music, candles and delicious aromas. Take advantage of this opportunity offered by the Radian Spa center and take a moment for yourself and only for you. You will be renewed!

    And is that the professionals of Radian Spa propose that you enjoy a moment of relaxation in its exquisite Oriental Spa, a new concept of health and well-being where you can enjoy the incomparable physical and spiritual benefits of the original oriental techniques of Spa.

    In their treatments, oriental aromas, flower bath, oriental massage, Turkish bath, sauna, massage with essential oils, relaxing music, etc. are combined. That is, the best of the wisdom of ancient oriental civilizations, with the latest and most modern advances. All this in order for you to be involved in a world of sensations that will help you eliminate all the evils of modern life.

    You should know that with this proposal you can choose any of these massages:

    • Full body massage;
    • Deep tissue massage;
    • Foot massage;
    • Head massage;
    • Balinese whole body massage;
    • Spot massage;
    • Hawaiian lomi lomi massage;
    • Swedish massage;
    • Thai Massage;
    • Aromatherapy Massage.

    In addition, choose the one you choose, also includes a delicious flavored tea at the end of the treatment.

    Address: Sun-N-Moon Mall, 1st Floor, Sikar Road, Sector 5, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302023

    Near by Muralipura, Jhotwara, Bani Park, Civil Lines, C Scheme, Malviya Nagar, Mi Road, Shastri Nagar, Khatipura, Vaishali Nagar, Sodala, Tonk Roa & Raja Park Jaipur

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  • Radian Spa

    Radian Spa

    Radian Spa, Here you will find best body massage for men in Vihdyadhar Jaipur by female & male.

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